Saturday, February 8, 2014

Are we C.R.A.Z.Y?

Here's a little glimpse into our day....and our lives.

Well currently we have a infant (7 weeks foster son, little D) screaming uncontrollably. (withdrawals suck.)...Em has a her second half of her birthday sleep over extravaganza tonight(She had two friends over last night and 1 friend over tonight)..and they are doing foot baths with her new foot spa...picture water just about everywhere...and nail polish remover smell.
The new puppy just pooped in the carpet room again. (sigh...really?!) That scent goes nicely with the nail polish remover scent...can you smell it now? GAG!
Ny picked her nose to the point of it gushing with blood. (this is a big deal. not to be taken lightly.)
Ny also doesn't want to eat and is currently on stand off for food for day number...wait.. I lost count. Every.MEAL. really.
Little D has a bad diaper rash...and every time he poops he screams. He has super sensitive skin.
Last night little D would only be soothed by being in his swing.  I wish I could just sooth him with my heart beat...but not yet.
I've done countless loads of laundry because Little D and Ny are either puking or bleeding or pooping on every piece of clothing and blankets they own...not to mention the dog who is peeing and pooping in the house still...and no matter how many times you take him out he still continues to go where he pleases. It doesn't matter how high we put up gates...he climbs the dumb get to the carpet rooms to do his business.
We have church in the morning...I finally planned out the little ones clothes the night made it kind of easy since...
I have a huge pile of laundry folded on the ottoman and waiting to go'd think I'd just take them upstairs so I can use the ottoman but nope(they will still be there tomorrow)..I just scooted my feet up on there with the clothes.
The boys are arguing with the PS4...some nonsense about I get to be this player...and don't beat me...I don't know. I just am staying out of that room right I'd have to try to walk over the cushioned chairs that are laying on there side to keep puppy in that room...which doesn't actually work..since the dog stands higher than the chairs..but hey they get a B for effort.
We are currently homeschooling. ya. What was I thinking?
Tonight for dinner...we ordered take out. I really didn't want to...but the ease of it won me over. I thought okay, I will make myself something healthy while the rest of the family eats "woof woof, meow meow"...but my lack of sleep and hungry took over and I caved and had chicken fried rice. Now my stomach is mad at me.
My cell phone is shattered beyond belief...and finally decided to upgrade today when we were at the store...well we start the process and they need some last four digits of the primaries my sister in hubs calls his answer...we decide okay we will come back...then his brother calls back and give him that we proceed with the upgrade...get through a little more and realize i didn't finish my iCloud back up. Sales man offers to back it up on iTunes. okay. great. He does the back up. The kids are starting to get restless....I am starving...these late night feedings for the little D are making me hungry throughout the day...dang it! So I go take the kids on a walk..come check on the hubs..and now they need some pin number(WHAT? good grief!)...again...hubs has to call his brother. This time he doesn't get back to us in time. So we leave. I'm dying...sugar levels low...patience level very patience level extremely low...yep its time to go!
Hubs says so where do you want to eat...I said the very first place available! Well that would be McD's. Which I'm not a huge fan of...but well I'm crashing fast and I said no problem get McD's I'm going to go inside to make Little D's go through drive through for food...and as I start to shut the door...I yell "DON'T FORGET MY DR. PEPPER!" The look on the hubs face was priceless...He said "okay?!" I explained i've tried to have Dr. Pepper 3 times this week while out and about at various drive throughs only to be disappointed with Diet coke or Diet Dr Pepper...Maybe I should be taking it as a sign...but nah...
So now I'm probably higher than a kite with all the fumes going through this house...the boys are playing sting pong...and I'm hearing ouch...and screaming from the ping pong/dining room table...the baby is still screaming and the girls are trying to chat at me about their nails...I keep smiling and nodding...and I'm trying to drink some Awake Tea so that I can spend a few minutes tonight with my man.
So thankful for my man. Tonight we hugged each other in the midst of all this chaos and said to each other we will get through this...we will.
So are we crazy? New puppy...New baby...2 year old (need I say more?) two teenagers and a newly double digit girl and homeschooling...what was I thinking...
While most days feel so also feels so right...
I pray the Lord breaks the pattern of these foster babies lives and shows our kids how to love the sometimes unloveable...and continues to work in us what He is right now...and that our hearts would be sensitive to His spirit.

Oh and one last thing...
I've given up on having a perfect house right if you come by you may see unswept floors..and laundry..and bottles lying around..and you'll see little D's clothes on the piano as we have no dresser for him yet...This is a big adjustment for me...I like a pretty clean house..but this is a season and I'm trying to embrace it in a way that is pleasing to Jesus...I'd rather be a Mary than a hopefully through the more messy than I'd like you will find hearts that aren't messy...with love and warmth and coffee.

Living by GRACE!

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