Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Foster Care + Arrow Warriors= YOU and me bridging the gap...

hey there friends.

So you all know that "Arrow Warriors" was birthed to help provide for things that kids in foster care might be in need of...
It can range from a bed (you all provided those a few months back with Arrow Warriors purchases)

a pair of glasses (the state only provides one pair no matter what...so if your vision changes, oh well.)

a grandparents needs to accept their grandchildren as a placement while applying to become licensed.

And many more scenarios.

So a need arose yesterday. I received a phone call asking for help.

You see...

One weekend a year kids in foster care get one day to hopefully just be kids.

To forget their anxiety, their worries, their anger and just be kids.

To actually play with their siblings. for many this is the only time of the year they get to see them.
(if you don't know what this is like, i'd suggest watching the movie CAMP, they do a great job showing the siblings getting to see each other for the first time...also getting to let loose for a week)

 to not be at a parent visit. but just have fun.

So what is it...

Its a picnic for foster kids.

They get to jump on inflateables.

They get to have snow cones.

Eat hot dogs.

play games.

To just be a kid for a day.

I'm sure your thinking...can't they just be kids every day?
in short no. See kids in foster care have a schedule. Their identity is in this schedule. They know that Monday through friday they get up at 7:15am. They have breakfast at 8am. They have lunch at 11am and they have dinner at 6pm. They also know Monday-Friday's from 8:30-4 for the first time in their lives they go to school like every other kid. Seems normal, but when you have been left home by yourself at 3, 4 and 5 years old instead of going to school to prevent cps being called because of bruising or signs of starvation or because if you do actually go to school no one ever picks you up when everyone else has gone home with their mom and dad...and so someone got the great idea to put you on a bus because, well then for sure you would get home...only to have to ride the entire bus route back to school because no one was at home to get you either. And so you remind your foster mom "please don't forget me."
And then to know that on Monday and Wednesdays you go to a location to see your Mom who shows up 50% of the time to spend time with you.
And then to know that Wednesdays you go to church for the first time in your young life, and learned that you are cared for by so many and that Jesus is real and that he LOVES you.
Then to know that on Friday's you see your dad and stay at what is his new home for two nights. And your not sure what time breakfast is and if you will get lunch and dinner and who knows when you'll get one or the other or both, because your schedule is off from what you are use to... And because your worried about your dad because he hasn't had a consistent job in your life, you steal money from your foster brother so your dad can have money to pay rent so he doesn't loose getting to see you on the weekends...
And then to know you go back to your foster families on Sundays...
And it all starts all over again for the next week.  Not to mention court dates, and early on assessments and doctors apts and therapists.

So this picnic is important to these kids. And why wouldn't you and i want to see these kids be kids.

The picnic had a large gift card donated...and had a few large donors for the park, the snow cones and the ice and inflatables just backed out.

Which is where you and I come in..and Arrow Warriors.

Arrow Warriors is giving 50% to picnic from every purchase.

The need is big...its $1,200.00 -$1,500.00  to make this picnic happen.  I know God cares about each and everyone of these kids. And he can provide for this for these kids.

I will be posting bags and pouches that i have available...please consider being a part of these kids having just one day to be kids.  I need to make this deficit up by June 1st. Don't need a bag? or pouch? but want to donate...email me at daysnumbrd@gmail.com

thank you friends for being a part. Nothing is too big for God.

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