Friday, May 22, 2009

Coupons, Memorial Day, Be BLESSED!!

So I've always been a big coupon shopper...I mean I use to stock my house with groceries for 7 people 4 adults and 3 kids for 150.00 every two weeks, so you get the idea of the coupons that needed to be used to make that budget work. Well As the kids have grown, so should my budget, and it has crept up a bit, we now spend 200.00 every two weeks on groceries, but with the boys much older now, and eating like grown men, I have to get more creative! And I think I have. I've found that my local Kroger...not all Krogers, but my local one doubles there coupons up to and including $1.00! Thats pretty good...I don't shop anything full price at kroger, even with a coupon, its just too pricey, but when they have a sale and I have a coupon, I can litterally walk away paying NOTHING...thats right I said NOTHING!! Tonights Dinner was Hot dogs and Mac N cheese (I know it killed me to serve something that unhealthy but we were in a pinch, and I didn't want to spend $$ on eating out) So with one of my trips to Kroger(YEs I said trips, as in plural, I went twice today!) I picked up Hot dogs and Mac N cheese, and well they both with my coupons and there sale add was free! So dinner for tonight, even though I felt it was unhealthy, feed all 5 of us for $0.00! So you wonder why I took two trips to the store today, well as I was standing in line, I saw this lady with 6 kool aid containers(not the packets) and then I heard the cashier say I know its crazy these are free...and it hit me...I'm NOT getting every coupon out there!!! Immediately I went into crazy mode, my mind wouldn't stop...I had to know why I didn't have those coupons and where do I find I kindly ask the cashier, "were those coupons printed?" She said "YEs" WE accept printed coupons here and those were printed and they doubled to make all 6 of them free! So imagine me still in freak out mode...thinking okay, hurry up and do my groceries so I can run home find those coupons and get back here before everyone else figures this out and theres non left for me! I know I'm crazy...But I did rush home, get online and found several websites that give you free coupons to print...Now heres the thing, you have to make sure your printer is set up right, because as soon as the site figures your IP address and see's you hit the print button, you can't print it again...I found this out the hard way! It took me over an hour, but finally I got my coupons for 4 Kool-aid containers, 4 cool whips, 4 mayos, 4 easy mac's, crystal light, colgate toothpaste( I know have like 14 boxes of toothpaste stored up....I'm just sayin...who's not gonna buy free stuff??) So anywho I purchased a lot more items, but today at Kroger I spent 57.00 and saved 124.00!! Thats an amazing savings!! So all you coupon shoppers out there, if your not printing coupons too, your just missing out!! GO get that deal, its out there to be found! Okay, so heres a little contest...not that anyone is reading my blog anymore, but incase there is what does the first four things that I mentioned I purchased with coupons(4 Kool-aid containers, 4 cool whips, 4 mayos, 4 easy mac's) all have in common? If anyone answers correctly, I will give you 10 % off your choice of Days Numbr'd or Eklektos Designs....Can be used on Special order or something already in my shops....

So with Memorial day coming I thought I would try something new....This year I am more thankful for my family, and friends that the Lord has provided me with, I'm thankful for every blessing that has been bestowed upon my life(there are just too many to list) One blessing currently being bestowed upon my life is a house. We are getting an amazing house right next door to my sister and brother, and we and our kids are thrilled! So I'm going to kill two birds with one stone I'd like to offer up anyone that orders a purse off Eklektos Designs on Etsy free shipping, this would also include special orders, changing up fabrics , or sizes or styles...I will try to add more purse styles to the shop soon! In addition to my free shipping special I'm going to give a purse away....whoever is the 10th person to place there order with Eklektos Designs or Days Numbr'd will recieve a purse for free! Thats right, It will be cute, It will be stylish, and It will be the size of your lets see if we can't get those orders placed and give a purse away...With this special I get to pass the savings of my feeling so blessed along to you, and in return you will be helping us get closer to the $$ we need to close on our house in only a month! WE need a good amount of $$ and well I'm trying to pull it together anyway possible. ->SO GET THOSE ORDERS IN! LOL...No preasure. ;) Sale and giveaway will continue until we get that 10th order in..I will blog about it when we reach our goal.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend...I look forward to the things to come! Be inspired!

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