Monday, May 4, 2009

Healthy and tastes good!!

So I've been on a kick of trying to feed the kids much healthier, and since this we have not been sick hardly at all this year, praise the LORD!! So one day I made these...

And would ya ever know that there was minced up Spinach in them!! They were soo tasty!! The kids loved them, and couldn't tell at all....So tonight I decided to try potatoes with cauliflower (1/2 potatoes 1/2 cauliflower) and they were DELICIOUS! The kids couldn't tell again, and my sweet husband said they were better than regular mashed potatoes, which he is a mashed potato LOVER!! He grew up on mashed potatoes and really loves his mamas mashed potatoes... I'm not sure what I'm going to try next, I've gotta put my thinkin cap on....Before the brownies, we did family style veggies...not sure if the world knows this or not, but fresh veggies uncooked are the best for you, the antioxidants that they offer are unremarkable! So I took several bowls and added several fresh veggies for the kids and two small sides of light ranch dip, they finally relized all the veggies that mama has been eating isn't so gross after all! LOL....

Oh and on a sewing note...I have made another purse and shirt...I will post pics soon I promise!!
Okay well here ya go, here is my shirt from last time...I love it, not so much my pic, but love my shirt and matching purse!!

Okay, ttys!!


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STEPHANIE. said...

Hello! First time to visit your blog. I love it! your shirt is great! did you make it? I enjoy the Amy dots. :) and of course super cute kiddos. :)