Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Senior pics are in, New store opened and the packing has begun!

So here are a couple of pics of the senior photo shoot I did yesterday...I think they came out great! We spent about 1 1/2 hours at this beautiful park in Genesee County, people have actually had there wedding there...Its a great location for photography!

I promised 40 pics to him and his mom, and well I ended up with 50, I just couldn't stick to the 40! :)

[ New Etsy store ]

I opened a new Etsy store today....I only have one new item in there, but more will come, I promise! I've been enjoying making purses for years now, and just recently decided I should (well after much nagging from my husband) open a store to sell them on Etsy.

So my new line is called Eklektos Designs which translates to Chosen Designs, because well either way you look at it, WE are Chosen, and if you choose a bag to take home, then that bag is Chosen by you! So please take a moment to check out my new Etsy store...and check back often, as I will be adding new bags, possible shirts and skirts soon!

[ yah to the new house, boo to the packing! ]
So we were waiting to see if we could come up with the money to close on the new house, and it looks like we will be able to (praise God!) So we have begun packing. WE have to be out of our house by July 1st, as that is when our lease is up, so that gives us aprox 45 days to pack...shouldn't be a problem...I'm a mean packer!LOL...Actually I've only packed a couple of times, so I'm not a pro, but I think we should be ready by July. :)

Okay, I'm gonna run now (not litterally! ;\ )


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