Monday, May 11, 2009

Something new, Hopefully a new house and some savings, senior pics tomorrow ahhh!!

So I'm working on something new, and I'm excited to announce it in just another day or two....I hope you all will stay tuned to see my new exciting new....and No I'm not pregnant! LOL....Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue! :)

So one day, wait scratch that, one month, I was sitting at my sisters house and I had been over there day in and day out, her husband was working alot, and well she's my sista, so who wouldn't want to hang out with there sista?! And we were just chatting, and she had mentioned that her sweet neighbors had moved to another house, and that she was sad they moved....well through course of conversation I had mentioned how cool it would be if we could just move right in...well me saying it quite like ya right it would never happen, but it would be nice, after a few details being worked out still, we actually ARE going to be moving in right next door! I tell ya OUR God is a big GOD! He can move mountains, and make things work that normally just wouldn't work...see the house thing with my husband starting his own business shouldn't work out, but it is....again I repeat myself, OUR GOD is a big GOD! :)

Okay next round of business, I went grocery shopping, (I know not as fun as regular shopping but it had to be done! LOL...) And with my coupons that I clipped and aprox. 3 hours later, I saved a whopping 102.00!! Total spent 124.00, so 226.00 worth of groceries in my fridge and only 124.00 out of my bank...NICE! :) This is the most I've saved in 1 grocery trip, and I did it without any kids, first time that I've been grocery shopping without any kids in a long time! :) It was actually peaceful. :)

So tomorrow I take my first set of senior pics. My husband comes from a large family, 9 kids from 30 all the way down to me enjoying taking pics, and them needing senior pics taken this year, I offered to do it for them. I hope they come out good, my sister is coming with me, and hopefully between her eye and mine we will capture some cool senior pics. :) I'll post them in a few days....
Okay gotta run!


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