Friday, April 8, 2011

My first tutorial! A vase!

I'm so excited that I came up with something I think is so original and looks so real!!!
Here is the final project... ((CLICK THE PICS TO ENLARGE THEM)

well two to be exact...

I think they'd make perfect wedding centerpieces or just a decoration piece in your house...I have one downstairs and one upstairs. Okay I'm going to try to explain this as best as possible....but I must forwarn you that I am a bit hopped up on coffee today! I can be like Will Ferrell from "Kicking and Screaming" when I get to excited with too much caffeine in me. ;)

This projects takes about an hour to and hour and thirty minutes...

Supplies needed:
Paintable wall paper from home depot.
Glue(crafty kind)
Paper Towel
A box of some sort....choose your size and shape...

So here goes...
FIrst you start with a box...

The yellow one is just one box, the turqoise one is two long tissue boxes shoved(gently) inside each other to the desired length, then duck tapped together for stability. I did also duck tape the large yellow one as my box looked like it could cave in at one point, so I just gave it some stability.

Line up your box to your wall paper...

Start wetting the wallpaper...

remember this wallpaper dries quickly so only wet each section at a onto box....wet next section, press onto box...While doing this, keep in mind to turn under your lip to the bottom and your top. Keep this going till the whole box is covered.

Once covered, I like to glue down my last edge, to ensure it stays down....

Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Start painting. I used a paper towel to paint mine...I had absoultley no paint brushes in the house, and the paper towel worked just fine.

Let the color dry for about 30 minutes or until color is dry to the touch.

Once dry to the touch, take a darker colored stain and dip a new paper towel into the stain....brush off the stain til its pretty dull....then blot and brush down with the paper towel that has stain on it....then take a clean paper towel and rub off the stain to give it super dull look....Continue until the whole vase has the look your desiring.

Let dry.

Add flowers, possibly a ribbon and some moss and some sticks and your done.

Easy and AWESOME!

This project will cost you almost nothing to do.

Let me know how yours came out...I'd love to see....


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