Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back in the day to today...

I've known quite few people this last year and currently who have gotten divorced.  It's so very sad to me.  Divorce is a result of someone always thinking of themselves. 

I was reading this morning and the last couple of mornings in Hosea.  It's so crazy to me to read it and know that God spoke to Hosea and told him to marry a prostitute.  And to take her kids that are a result of prostitution as his own. And then when she went back into prostitution the Lord told him to go get her back and pay whatever the amount is....and he didn't say divorce her.  He said get her back and continue with reconciliation.  Crazy. And He new she would continue in this way.  And yet he still didn't divorce her. 

Today people would divorce each other in a heart beat.  Is that really what God wants?  God hates divorce for a reason.  It doesn't just effect you, but your kids, your parents and siblings and even cousins.  No one is above going crazy and doing dumb things....but we can ask God for protection against things that we know we struggle with and protection against our minds and hearts....and of course staying constantly in His word and trying to live a life of righteousness.  Never being okay with walking in sin and continual sin. 

I know this seems strange for a topic on my blog....but it has really hit me lately just how sad divorce is for everyone...and how selfish it is.  I pray Gods protection for me and my family and for you and yours.



P.s I have a friend who's parents got divorced and realized it was a mistake and got remarried to each other....I say that to say, if you make a mistake like that....ask God how he would want reconciliation.


Cilicia said...

OH, I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have told my friends I am sorry when they have announced their divorce, and they reply with ...but 'I'm happy'.... oh, such selfishness. :(

Gina said...

such a sad state of being these people live in right now....I'm saddened by all the selfishness....thanks for reading and commenting. :)