Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a fun project I worked on...a little instagram and pinterest...oh YA!

I love color.  I love burlap.  I love design.  this is an instagram can follow me there.  I'm not sure how.LOL.!  my name?  Gina Giraud @ overwhelminggrace? 

I'm following this lovly crafty lady.  She just made this adorable sign that says "JOY TO THE WORLD" on simple pieces of wood...using i think freezer paper...such an easy craft! oooohhh maybe I should pin it on pinterest!  YES.  that is what I will do.  follow me on pinterest if you haven't yet.  so fun.  projects and ideas to swooon over! 

Hope you having a very blessed christmas!  i Know we are.  packed.  but fun.  :)  Thanks be to God for finding the joy in sometimes a crazy life.  wouldn't trade it for the world.

Merry CHRISTMAS friends.

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