Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a day!

I've been so blessed today.  beyond measure.  started the day out with sleeping in a little...reading my word...being interupted by my sweet princess to recite a memory verse she has been working on..[amazing!] I was in awe.

made coffee.  The coffee pot threw up on my counter. such nice neighbors to give me a coffee pot that has bulimia.  ;0)

cleaned the whole house.  Yep you heard that right.  first time in a while...all 3, yes all 3 bathrooms were clean.  shocked?  I know! me too!

the boys helped.  Ezra is the perfect cleaner!

When he vacuums he moves all the furniture off the carpet....seriously...i don't even do that!

Then isaac played a little game with his sister...she made up this mailbox and was hoping for mail in it...sure enough her big bro left her mail...this went on for a good 30 minutes.  I love when they play together!

The boys long lost friend showed up...they were counting down the minutes....its so good to have him here for a night...he practically lived at our house the last year when they lived in michigan.

finished wrapping the rest of the presents.  finished sewing the boys pj pants...shhhh don't tell them.

baked 2 batches of these amazing sugar cookies....

baked banana bread.

begged my sweet girl to come with me for a manicure date.  finally convinced her to leave her bff for an hour to come with me!  We got coffee at tim hortons, then ran across the street for the princess some hot chocolate [starbucks...because tim hortons is too watery aparently!lol] i got my nails done.  she got her toes done.  and she said to I don't think they understood me  cause I told them no design just do every other toe purple and the other ones red...well...hmmmm.LOL..

shes so funny.  well first look at her outfit...bunny ears and um flip flops in December when its 35-40 degrees. [i told her shes a little ahead of the game!] then she begged for the we take her over to get her feet in the water and she says whats this?  i said its your pedicure...she said huh?  i said its okay put your feet in the water...before you new it she had the massage going and all i could see were her bunny ears going up and down and side to  the last time she had a pedicure she was it had been a while.

had chinese food for dinner...the Mister picked it up and everything.

and tonight the Mister and I get to exchange our gifts.  I'm so excited!

the best day!


P.S  and tomorrow we go to Abeantogo coffee in goodrich.  to talk with people about our mission....FEED [1] Orphan.
Man the Lord is extra gracious to me!  Thank you Lord!

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