Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The lord is good to those who wait!

So these past two weeks have really had me on my knees in case you hadn't known that. 24/7 praying for baby boy and his life and gods will. Not our much as it hurts to say that. Because I really want to keep him.
Today sugar Dumplin [my husband!] asked me to call out worker and find out what is going on. Many of you know the situation at hand...and have been praying with us. Thank you for that! Im so thankful for each and everyone of you!
I had to hurry and get off the phone with our worker because I didn't want to cry on the phone with him....I called my husband and told him the lord had preformed the first miracle. Baby boy gets to stay with us[for now anyways]! I wish i could go into more details but I'm just not able to....
Thank you friends and family for praying for the lords will to be done...
To him be the glory and power for now and forever...amen Jude 1:25

The lord is good to those who wait on him,to the soul who seeks HIM Lamentations 3:25 [ our life verse! Well one anyways!]


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