Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where the sweat stops the tears begin...

This morning i was running/walking/running/walking on the treadmill.  I'm not a runner.  Never have been.  So wish I was and always had been.  This is my first year of trying to learn to run and run correctly.  The best description of running for me is like a toddler who just learned to walk that really wants something bad and trys to run...there feet go every which direction and there knees start to buckle maybe even bow in a little...yep that's me.  sad I know...but i'm working on it.  learning to not be so lead-footed when running...man that's hard too!
Anyway enough about that...I was working out this morning..while little bubba took a nap...and i was just pouring with sweat.  I mean I'm just gross.  and i'm almost done...my 30 minutes was about up, and this song came on "how he loves us" by John Mark Mcmillan and i was walking for my cool down and just singing to HIM...and the Lord, not through just this but through the course of my bible study this morning and my constant praying for little bubba and GODS will for him and our family...through getting our passports done...putting feet to our faith because of his faithfulness and LOVE in our lives...spoke to my heart....which is what I was asking for today[earlier in my study with him] litterally it just broke me down to a complete sob.  I couldn't sing anymore verbally but my heart was still singing as loud as it possibly could to the one who loves me!  Loves me enough to give me a husband who loves him...who loves me enough to give me my beautiful sweet and sometimes fiesty kids, and who love him....who loves me so much to give me bubba [and how much he has taught us through this]....and who loves me enough that I can trust in and walk next to and who reminds me just when I need to be reminded yet totally sideswiped by his LOVE for me!
I hope your day is totally blessed!

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