Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burned beans..a wonky day...and a beautiful picture.

Yesterday I told you how I was making homemade beans...or wait did I? I can't remember now...anyways after my jam was done I started our beans for dinner. Got the house all clean...just waiting on our little visitor to arrive.
He finally arrived just after 4 pm. He had a rough day...they gave the poor kid 8 shots...this is so unhealthy!...him never receiving a shot before, this just traumatized him. The worker left our house as the boy went to go lay down because he wasn't feeling so well. I went To go check on him...remember I told you he doesn't speak any English...thank the lord [sweetjesus!]for iPhone apps. We downloaded the app that I speak into the phone and it translates to his language then speaks it to him... After me asking him several times how he was feeling...we ended up calling 911 and the worker to come back because he was not stabilized at all. The paramedics came as well as a couple of police. They said he was I'm talking to the police officer I'm thinking dear lord what is that smell....the beans. Crap. [sorry!Maybe shoot is a better word?just keepin it real.]
Burned to a crisp!
Our boy for the night off to the hospital and then back to Lansing...
Ezra had a game last night...that was just painful to watch. Adults acting like 2 year olds...making fun of kids and making kids cry...I contacted the league and reported this coach. It's just not okay...this coach really had it out to distract Ezra everyday possible...and he knew how because Ezra played on his indoor league for one season...until the coach approached Ezra to throw the up coming tryouts so no one will see how good Ez is and this coach can build his team...of course we had to confront the coach on this and let him know we play and do everything with integrity...and that this is not the kind of behavior we want to see and be teaching our children to act like.
No response. No biggie...but we refused to be on his team and he knew tactics to use on Ezra last night during the game...Ezra was brought to tears. Poor buddy. our team also didn't play it's best last night...but I guess I just want to know when did little league get to be this? Cussing at coaches and yelling at kids...distracting and making fun of the other team when your already up by 15 runs? sad...I kept thinking to myself...
Sticks and stones .
If only I had enough guts and grace to quote mrs tooey[spell?] from blind side...oh I wish!
And then to finish out our night I stayed awake until 11!!! That's not happened since we got home...usually 8pm rolls around and I'm asleep on the coach.
Interesting day, don't ya think?.
This picture is of a boy I love so much...I can't believe he almost died once...breaks my heart!

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