Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ezra...His name does mean helper right?

This child was a total surprise to our family. 

HE has been nothing but a joy...
today he is off his game. nope not livin up to his name today.
To start the day he broke a glass in the sink.
Not a big deal to me, they were super cheap glasses...little did I know this was the pattern for the day.
We headed out to the store because I fried my blow dryer in Ethiopia.
Got in the car and saw I only had 9 miles til empty...normally I'd own it, yep I did it...however this was NOT the case.  Nope, not me this time...
headed straight to the gas station...asked which boy wants to pump.
yep thats how I do. 
if there old enough to put gas in the mower and mow the lawn, there old enough to pamper their mama at the pump. ;)
Ez volunteered.
I said use the cheap stuff.
[you know i'm cheap.]
I look back and gasped as he just put almost 3 gallons of the most expensive!
[my heart was yelling! my mouth not so much yet...sadly]
I told him to stop it and take it out and I'd redo it for the cheap stuff.
Well he was having a hard time listening because he pulled it out while it was still going...
squirted gas all over him.
[this is where I started yelling!] I apologized later.
Well no store for us...headed home.
Told him to put the laundry in the dryer and get his clothes into the washer...
Um..yah, HE broke the dryer.
He put sopping wet clothes into a dryer that still hadn't been completely drained of water yet...
broke the drum.

I take my much needed shower, and i put my hair in that wonky curling trick updo, and pray that it drys before we have to leave tonight for his game...
kinda not banking on it since I have crazy thick hair...You'd think 5 hours would do the trick...nope, not for this mop!
i hope no one stops by unannounced or they will see she-Ra! Ha.

Oh and when I apologized to ez..he got this cute smile on his face and said I forgive you mom..and hugged me.  
Yep. I love him!
So whats your day like?

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