Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wednesday in awassa, Ethiopia

Hello family... Day two and our days are flying by! this morning we woke early... But had such a good night sleep!  We felt rested and ready to go.   We headed to Rachel and argaws house....we went to the bank...exchanged the feed [1] orphan Monies into did we look like kings! Lol... Well really jesus looked like the king that he is...cause this is his money to do what he wants with it. Then we exchanged our money to pay for our room and food and such... We then headed home for lunch.. Oh wait I forgot to mention I had a double of that amazing coffee I spoke about on my last blog post...seriously so so good! I'm so hooked! During lunch we had a friend join was so neat to see our friend...we had been waiting. Then somehow we lost track of time...and oh snap...we were suppose to be back at their house to go to the children's home at 4:00pm...we left our housing at 4:40! Oops our bad...guess we've adjusted to Ethiopian time already...cause per our friend Rachel everyone is late....i was just keepin it real. Jet lag doesn't seem to be an issue at all for us. Praise him!  Tomorrow we will be getting to work...I'm excited to be helping in anyway possible..I will update again as I can. Love, Gina

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