Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tuesday in awassa, Ethiopia

Hello family! Well our first full day in awassa was nice... We were very tired! Well that's actually an understatement... We left new York on Sunday evening...headed straight for Cairo Egypt...that was a 10 hour flight time...we however sat on the runway for 2[!] hours...please feel free to insert your saddest face here for me....the flight to Cairo wasn't too bad...a little long... But we all slept for a few hours..praise god! We had a day tour lined up in Cairo that was interesting...we will have several pictures to post as well as much to say later on that me on a camel!!! Shut up right?!?! That's what I was thinking as I was doing my best not to fall off that thing!  In case you were wondering...camels are very deceiving!  There hugely tall! [notice all my exclamation points! Yep it's how I sho!] We left Cairo at 10:45 and headed to addis...this is where the fun just begins.  We head out of the terminal and more visa's need to be filled out...which normally wouldn't be a problem except that it's now 3:30 am and I didn't get much sleep on the plane.  I filled out all 5 visas [cuz Tonys handwriting is atrocious] and as we are waiting in line I start to feel very sick and weak and as if kinda that cold sweats feeling...while we stood  inline for our visas I decide to try and sit and see if that helps... Sadly it didn't.  We continue through customs which there was a lot of people on that flight and because we had so many visas to fill out we had to be the last people in the customs line...but we thought... Okay smooth sailing from here...except I'm still feeling passout sick...and our thought is get out from customs and find me something to my very sadness there were no place to get drinks...just a place to grab our luggage and wait in the next line to have it rescanned through security.  Praise the lord only one of our 10 bags got flagged...headed out of the airport and I thank god for Rachel and her assistant Ellen!  They had been waiting for us...ready for our 4-5 hour journey to awassa. The driver was nice...I felt extremely sick still so on our journey to awassa I tried to sleep in Tony's lap...only waking up every time we got stopped by the police.  I felt so bad for our driver and us too... He planned a shorter trip and so did we... But do to all the stops by police and get coffee our journey took 6 hours... But praise god we stopped for coffee cause it gave me the "opportunity" to feel better.  After puking this sweet guy came up and offered me this piece of fruit...known for making them feel better..rachel said kindly no thank you and ordered me a delicious coffee!! Um I'll take 12 please!! Seriously I can't wait for more! We finally made it to awassa... To rachel and argaws home.  We got to unpack all there goodies from their parents and friends. Then we got to show them a small glimpse of all the amazing things you guys have supplied for them.  We let them know how awesome our church family is!  And our online family who is also supporting them.  Providing for their children's home[they prefer that word over orphanage.] We love you guys!! Thank you so much for every donation. We took a short trip to the children's home..that was so cool!  The workers are also such sweet man who works there also offered to borrow his friends car to let us borrow it...he picked us up in his bejudge [my spell is prob off] but it's like a mini cram as many people as you can in one..our friends can put 3 adults and 4 kids in one!.. Such a sweet guy... They have 3 new babies in the children's home. How cool is that.  One set of twins that are 9 months old and weights less than 10lbs!  Sweet Jesus i don't even understand that.  One infant that there not sure the age...prob around 2-3 months? Then we headed for our home.  To unpack,nap since we hadn't slept at all the night before, shower since that had been a few days too, and then off to dinner with our new friends...who I know it's only day 1 but really love them and their hearts!!  Til next wifi signal. Love you guys! Gina 

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