Monday, October 22, 2012

He hears the quietest crys of our hearts.

Today is a day that I had my feet running before they even hit the floor.
Not my kinda day,
However i do enjoy fulfilling my roll as a mom and wife and getting done all the things that need to be done while the kids are at school.
Somedays its just sitting holding baby girl...
other days its running a marathon.

Todays a marathon day.
Thankfully the boys have been a huge help in getting breakfast for everyone.
I Got up,
made myself look more than presentable...because well we were meeting "mom" again for the first time ever.
Helped Emma with "her decision" of her outfit...she needed a little help.
Did Em's hair...she tries. :)
Got baby girl dressed.
Asked the boys to help pick up some things around the house.
Off to take the kids to school.
Run baby girl to see her mom...

And here is what this blog post is really about.
On my way to her visit...
A song came i'm talking with Jesus already...asking for His filling...
Asking to be everything this mom needs us to be, to see we are a good fit for her baby...
Asking to love the unlovable...
The song that came on was by Toby was our party song...
It made my heart smile. However...
 I simply said in the quietness of my heart...
"Lord it would be so encouraging to me if you played Addison Roads "Hope Now" when I get out of her visit....
just to let me know everything is okay or going to be okay..."

You see the song "Hope Now" has always encouraged me...has always been played when things may seem like its not going the way we thought it would...For instance..our house.
We bought our house on faith.  But that faith was questioned a few times...We met with the home owners attorney and the homeowners for a meeting...We walked into that meeting full of confidence and hope in Jesus...that this was what he wanted for our family.  We had never been inside the home. Nor did we want to see inside...we wanted the surprise to be just that a surprise on closing day. I really felt strong in my heart this was Him leading us to step out in faith.  And well when we left that meeting we left discouraged and questioning what we believed was God's leading. On my way home from that meeting...the Lord used that song by addison roads "hope now" encourage me...that my hope now is in Him. He can do anything...he can move mountains...and change hearts...And you know what..He did. He moved mountains, changed hearts...we purchased our home...without seeing the inside first...We did not have an inspection done...and we couldn't have been more blessed. 

So we left baby girls visit...we did not get to meet "mom".  I was on the phone for a minute when I left...had to call the hubs.  Got off the phone and suddenly i hear..."Hope now!" The tears started streaming down my face.  HE heard the littlest...probably seeming so silly to some...quietest cry of my heart.  Thats My JESUS!  The one I serve.

I've seen Him move mountains...and I know I shouldn't be shocked when he does little things like this...but This little sweetie means more to me than I can even express into words...see we've been praying for her before we had ever seen her...He has knitted our hearts together.  The power of prayer my friends.

So today, i must run my marathon with love and compassion...

As i was reading back on my blog almost a year ago...this really does minister to me again...right where I am at year later.
READ THIS... <---click that friends!

Hope you are blessed today.

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