Friday, November 30, 2012

Let giveaway...

Friends...I have a pallet art giveaway!
Give little or give big...everyone can receive an entry! Why am I offering a giveaway?
Because..Foster hope needs our help! Don't know what foster hope is? Check out my last blog post...they are currently trying to fill 900 care kits that are needed right now for kids entering foster care that come into care with nothing. Don't let the numbers scare you...everyone can be a small part. :)
What's needed for care kits?
600 bottles
460 wipes
500 pairs of sizes
500 pairs of undies for both boys and girls
Pjs in sizes newborn to 2t.

Now the giveaway details...
Everyone has the opportunity to Win a similar piece of the below pallet art. For every $5.00 donated cash or needed will receive 2 entries in the drawing for the pallet art. For everyone who shares this post will also receive 1 entry into the drawing.. All who have already given for this last week will be included in the drawing.

How to get items or cash to me at will send you my mailing address or I can pick up if your local, to Michigan...genesee county or metro Detroit area. We can also accept chase to chase quick transfers. :)
Thanks friends!
Be blessed!

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