Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Birthday surprise baby boy!

Have I ever told you that I cried when I found out I was pregnant with Ez?  Like seriously cried.  Made Tony call our family and tell them. 
I couldn't do it. Isaac was only 4 months old when I found out I was prego.
I seriously questioned why so much to the Lord. [I'm sorry Lord!]
I really struggled with this. [SO sorry Lord!]
But you know what.
This boy.

He is such a joy! The Lord knew what He was doing when He made him.
His heart is so fun.  He has so much passion.
I honestly thank the Lord so much for his infinite wisdom to give us this blessing.
Thankful that he doesn't always listen to our desires.
That He knows whats best.
Ezra is sensitive [to some to a fault, to me perfectly.], thoughtful especially of his sister.
He is all boy. Loves baseball, football, hockey, basketball, even teatherball even though his mama whooped his behind at it. ;)  hehe...

This past friday he started with a cold.  My mama bear heart could bearly take it.  I prayed over that boy so much. I just couldn't imagine our families life without him. This sickness is aweful. Breathing issues.  coughing issues.  fever.  YUCK! As I was praying for him, i just thanked the Lord once again for him, and for blessing me to be his mama.  I prayed that he would grow up loving Jesus more than baseball. I know, hold the phone right?! I pray that He would learn to be as close to the Lord as he is with me.  Seriously this boy is a mamas boy. [I love it!] He walks into a room, and if I'm not there he's like, "wheres mom?" He texts me throughout the day at school...just to hear from me...at this point in His life he's rather be homeschooled than go to school so he wouldn't have to leave me. [again I'm okay with that..he will only be in this phase for a very short time.]   How cool would it be if that's the relationship he had with the Lord..always wanting Him right by his side?

So Bud...Happy 12th birthday! I'm so blessed to be your mama.  To see your sensitive heart and to know your kindness and gentleness.  I love you so much! ~mama bear


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