Monday, February 18, 2013

Things are getting done.

Since Isaac went down sick last Monday....We have spend time watching shows together.  I've also got a lot of cleaning done. Doc appointments. Wall art made for some special girls.  Pallet art started. More cleaning done including but not limited to closets organized.[yay!]   Emails, important ones done. Paperwork done.
 What is happening to me?!
I know mom...your so proud. ;)
The Mr built Em's ladder for her bed.  Poor guy has been boosting her up all week!  Now I just need to sand it and paint it along with the bed.

My newest cleaning addiction is to use a toothbrush.  Its so gratifying seeing the final product so clean its ridiculous! I know its weird, and i swore I'd never be a cleaner like this...but seriously...toothbrush all those baseboards. You won't be sorry.
Seriously what is my deal?! Who am I?!
So friday night rolls around and Ezra goes down.  He's a fighter but he is wore out! Poor buddy.  I spent alot of Friday and Saturday night praying that little guy through the night...The breathing issues with this sickness always freaks me out.
His birthday is tomorrow so I'm praying he is close to 100% tomorrow.  Today still a fever and this cough is nasty.  My Mr.  The amazing, loving, kind, thoughtful Man that I married and Love so much took this boy to the urgent care...and seriously friends he spent over 3 hours there.  I felt so bad. Then guess what..the doc prescribed him an antibiotic...but of course it was what he was allergic after waiting to get the script filled, they had to call the doc and wait longer for a new script.  He is my super hero...My Mr. I love HIM!

I've gotten a few more things done in Em's room.  Here is some room remodel blog post should be coming soon...

 This is under her bed...those are vinyl drawable stickers.

So how was your week?

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