Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy valentines day friends! I hope your day was full of love.
I started yesterday by sneaking in love noted to everyone's lunches. They were all surprised. [yes!]
Today I've kinda been in a funk. Don't really know what my prob is but ughh!
All day today I've said oh I have planned this for valentines day, but then my flesh says but I don't want to...but I push forward and do it anyway....because for the love of Pete it's only one day. Tomorrow will not be valentines day, and if I let my funk stop me from making fun things for the kids and my hubby, I know I'd be mad at myself tomorrow.
So lets put on the big girl pants and get to doing this valentines day. mkay?.
So after the big girl pants got on....I ran valentines errands. I had committed to doing the valentines party in ems class over 6 weeks ago with my friend...and I had the boys craft figured out and almost altogether but with Isaac sick I didn't get out to finish it before today. Ez springs on me yesterday "hey mom! I signed you up to bring drinks tomorrow." mkay?
Ended up taking Isaac to the doc, they prescribed him a antibiotic. Poor buddy has been sick for over 3 days now. To our bedding in the wash since Isaac layed in it and I don't want my valentine to get sick.
 Ran a few errands for our valentine dinner...we had rib eye, mashed potatoes, salad and sparkling grape juice...but of course I didn't have any of it but the sparkling juice. So off to SAMs club we went.

Then we ran to target for a valentine card and so Isaac can look around. [He's sick and tired of being sick and tired!] Then we head back out to ems class party. Isaac was such a trooper to sit in the car for an hour so I can do ems party.
Probably should have premade one of the crafts to test it out , because I picked the worse glue in the don't do as I did[or you will have kids quit the craft!] as I say and test your craft before hand...mkay.
Came home, prepped the table for a nice valentine looked so cute, kids had a valentine candy at their settings and a a little gift...and then i made homemade sugar cookies and frosting...again my flesh is screaming no!...remember those big girl pants...they musta been saggin....I quickly snatched them back up to my waist and continue on.
My valentine brought me a Tim hortons. He knows me well!
So how's your love day going?
I've tried hard to love well today. I hope I please The Lord....and my family.
Love well friends,

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