Saturday, April 13, 2013

A little fundraising update...

I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about our fundraisers...but I'm excited with where they are going.  
Necklace fundraiser:
So far we have sold $400.00 for our adoption and $120.00 for Ebenezer Grace Children's home.  This is pretty good I think in just a few weeks. If you know of anyone looking for a shopping with purpose, please pass the word...we'd like to sell all of our necklaces before mothers day if possible. $10.00 per necklace. 

Pallet art/wood art:
I've sold a few pieces on the side..but am prepping for a big craft show May 4th in Clarkston.  I have some really fun all know me, I LOVE color!  Whatever doesn't sell at the craft show I will offer up here and on instagram for sale.  If you live out of state but are wanting a piece..hang tight...I bet I will have more available for ya.

We still have t-shirts for sale...we made them up a year ago when we were fundraising for our trip to Ethiopia.   I like the style of them...I have men and woman's available. You should see a link in the side bar to purchase.

That's it for now....we are heading out for a little family time tomorrow.  It is much needed after the craziness of last week...I'm so over its craziness already.  A friend said to me the other day, of course your dealing with discouragement and attacks...because your walking something amazing here.  I loved her perspective.  So true.
Oh and we just knew we'd get a call from our new agency (foster care)because we were getting ready to leave for a few days of family time...unfortunately it wasn't a fit for us...but I'm excited that they were so willing to call us so quickly....we are excited about the possibilities.

Love you all!


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