Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bubby's stock....

hello friends.

I've never made wallets before but I figured I'd try and I think they came out pretty good.

Now me being a perfectionist they aren't up to my normal standards. Many of you have asked if they are available and with my husbands prodding i will make them available alone with other purses and pouches that haven't met my standards.

These "less than perfect" items will be called Bubby's stock.
You see when foster kids(foster arrows) come into care, they are often times than perfect or even damaged but they deserve the same love and care as any other children.  These "less than perfect" items can be loved the same way  these foster kids deserve to be loved and are a good reminder that these kids are broken and "less than perfect" in the worlds eyes but they are loved and cherished in Jesus' eyes(and ours).
So when I sell an item from Bubby's stock i will list what part i'm not all that pleased about it, but know that these ones are nearest to my heart because they are just like these children that are foster arrows and we love them through the brokenness.

These items are not clearance items, but rather my special stock.

To find out more about Bubby and why it's called Bubby's stock click the link at the top next to home button that says "about Bubby's stock" see our heart, exposed.

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