Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meeting [Notes]

We had our big meeting with the President of our agency.
It went well.
I was having a bit of a stressful day to start....I I should just reschedule this meeting..because my head is not in it at the moment.
I was working on Emma's valentines for the party today...
Also getting newly aquatinted with our new foster loves...
They are crazy cute...
but like with any new placement learning boundaries, and that they are loved here.

So I went into our meeting with my rockstar hubby. He asked me to reiterate my heart on this to him, before we left for the meeting, so he could help convey it well to the president of Ennis.

I don't know if I could actually express how thankful I am to him of being such an encouragement in this ministry.

We sat before him...sharing our heart. Bob shared his heart...and how great the need really is. How our state is failing our kids. How broken the system really is. I really am thankful for our agency. What president of any agency would want to sit down and discuss a foster parents heart? Not many that I know of.

Did you know that kids in foster care get [1] pair of glasses. Doesn't matter if their prescription has changed..they get one pair. That is the state for you. Sad that these kids who have already gone through so much have to continue being last in the states eyes too.

So yesterday after conveying our heart, we wrote a check to Ennis for $270.00 for safe sleep.  What is safe sleep you ask?
Well,  its what prevents kids from having to enter foster care because of the lack of beds in the home[really because of poverty].
You guys! Your purchases just helped keep 7 kids in their homes. 7 kids not have to enter foster care because of poverty. Your purchase did that. 
The need is great, not gonna lie, the goal is big[huge!].  3,000 safe sleep beds are needed just in our county alone.
I'm not letting that big number scare me...or say how could that need ever been can and one by will be met.

We are working closely with our agency that if a need arises they will contact us. The needs that may arise is a relative caregiver needing help while being licensed...or a birthparent who needs a bed for their children to get them home...or bottles. Guys can you imagine the only thing keeping a child/baby from being able to go home is one set of bottles? Thats just beyond my comprehension...but that is the state for you.  Your purchase is going to help situations like these that might arise...and of course the safe sleep project.

So I hope you will continue to share our heart in helping be a small part of the puzzle for these kids.  Lets put the kids first for once. I'm beyond saddened that these kids needs have not come first in many years. But I am praying big GOD size prayers for this to change. You can help be that change.

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